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Victoria Torrie-Capan Director/Owner

Pilates, ELDOA trainer & Myofascial stretching

Victoria began her Pilates training as a student at Goucher College in 2002, where she studied dance and movement therapy. Upon graduating she moved to New York City to train at Drago's Gym with Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santos. Victoria completed her apprenticeship through Romana's Pilates in 2005 and began her teaching career.  Over the past eight years Victoria has taught at the Pilates Center in Columbia MD, Pure Joe Pilates in Washington DC, True Pilates New York and Pilates on 66 in New York City.  Eternally a student, Victoria has continued her training with the students of Joseph Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska; Anthony Rabara, Cynthia Lochard, Dorothee VandeWalle, Juanita Lopez, Jerome Weinberg, Kathi Ross-Nash, Michael Rooks, and Sari Mejia Santo.

Victoria continually uses her Pilates training to pursue athletic endeavors. Beyond her dance training Victoria has studied gymnastics, yoga, Argentine Tango and running.​​

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​Brooke Chaffee Instructor

Pilates & Feet-ness

Ada Pucci Instructor

Pilates, ELDOA trainer and Myofascial Stretching

As a fitness professional I use pilates as a vehicle to advocate for health and wellness. At Pilates on 66, I work with people from all walks of life. From athletes to individuals who are tight, dealing with injuries or painful condition, or people who are looking to improve their body and/or quality of life.  Through movement assessments and training I learn how to efficiently address the unique way that each of my clients move their bodies. From here I formulate a plan to achieve their greatest results and reach their goals physically, mentally and emotionally for long lasting results. My aim is to make Pilates an integral part of a healthy lifestyle that will continue to  inspire and support overall wellbeing. After several years, I continue to teach Pilates so that everyone can find the everyday athlete within themselves.

As a Professional Pilates teacher I help people move optimally through their daily lives.  After training with me regularly my clients look better, feel better and have more confidence.  Students who train with me learn how to take good care of their bodies so that they can be independently healthy and strong.  The Pilates Method combines the discipline found in Ballet, a functional workout for the mind and body, and rehabilitative qualities of Sport Medicine that help my students to prosper in spite of limiting physical conditions or injuries. I love Pilates because it is not static, it's keeps the body moving and it gives your mind a workout as well.

Lynann Escatel Instructor

Pilates, ELDOA trainer, Feet-ness 

As a Professional Pilates teacher I seek to inspire my clients to move well so that they can enjoy their lives and live passionately. I work with students of all ages. By teaching the Pilates Method I help students build greater body awareness which leads to enormous improvement in their daily movement patterns. Teaching students each day fills my heart. In every session, bit by bit, I see them gaining awareness and confidence to reach for more from themselves and their bodies. The Pilates Method never stops teaching me. Everyday that I spend teaching I continue to grow personally and professionally.

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​Michele Jongele Instructor

Pilates & Yoga


​Laura Sifuentez Instructor

Pilates & Feet-ness

Laura found Pilates as a young dancer with painful scoliosis. With the Pilates method, Laura learned the foundations she needed  to keep her body pain free and the strength to keep doing the things she loved. Laura’s goal is to help her clients achieve the same benefits from the method. Laura received her Certification in 2013 from Romana’s Pilates New York. 

She has experience with clients from ages 15-92, with a wide variety of backgrounds, injuries and goals. Laura has had the pleasure of seeing all her clients soar with method and achieve their fitness goals. Everyday she is inspired to keep learning from the Pilates method and she invites you to join her. 

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​Kelly Edmonston Instructor


Kelly has been studying Pilates since 2008, and has been teaching since 2012.  Pilates has woven in and out of her life for almost twenty years.  Through her teenage years and early twenties, Kelly found love for theater, swing dancing, and yoga, and Pilates fell by the wayside. Then in 2008, she found her way back to Pilates.  She’s been studying and practicing since then, and began teaching as a certified instructor in 2012.  Kelly was trained through Romana’s Pilates, and sticks to the original classical method as much as possible.  Pilates has helped her work through numerous dance injuries and general alignment issues, and improved her mental health.  When you take a lesson with Kelly she’ll help you find your path.

​Diane Walton Instructor


Diane began her Pilates studies in Berkeley, CA in 1999. While in Spain in 2001, she continued her education in Pilates, studying with Esperanza Aparicio Romero and Javier Perez Pont at Estudio El Arte del Control in Barcelona. In 2003 she received her Pilates Teacher Certification after completing an independent study program with Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo at Drago’s in NYC. Her continuing education over the years has included studies and seminars with Michael Fritz, Ton Voogt, Bob Liekens, Brett Howard and Irene Dowd. Diane has instructed at RE:AB Pilates, Stretch, The Pilates Movement NYC, KIMA, and Equinox. During several trips to China in 2012/13, she was a guest instructor at Ying’s Authentic Pilates, the first True Pilates
studio in Guangzhou, China. Diane is also a photographer whose work has a focus on gesture, body, and performance.

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