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What can exercise mean to your body and life?

At Pilates on 66 we are focused on achieving more than a workout. Our teachers will help you redefine your body and movement and change the quality of your workout inside and out.

Each workout is based on principles of movement integrity which include the proper alignment of the body and precise execution of the exercise. The Pilates Method is an appropriate exercise discipline for everyone at any stage of physical fitness. The results are efficiency and ease in movement from a stronger and more integrated body.

Our team of instructors are committed to the unique development and progress of each client’s goals, with instruction tailored to the specific needs of each individual. We know that Pilates can make an aching body feel better which is why are addicted to movement and you will be too.




Who Invented Pilates?

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph H. Pilates and his wife Clara Pilates over a lifetime of studying the human body and movement. Joe originally called his method Contrology, which became commonly known among his clients and students as Pilates. Pilates outlines his philosophies, principals and workout method in his book ‘Pilates’ Return to Life Through Contrology’ published in 1945. 


After Joe's passing his wife Clara and a handful of protege students including Romana Kryzanowska, continued to train clients in his original method at his studio in New York City. Into the twenty-first century Romana and other first generation teachers continued to train students in his original method and offered certification to students who were advanced in his method. Romana Kryzanowska is most notable for founding Romana's Pilates as a Pilates certification training program in New York City. All of the teachers at Pilates on 66 have completed the Romana's Pilates Certification.

What is the Method?

The Pilates Method is very diverse with over 500 exercises that make up the method. Exercises are executed using a system of spring based apparatus. The apparatus provides assistance and resistance with varying spring tensions and settings. Some of the most challenging exercises are executed in the mat workout, which does not include any apparatus only the use of body weight and gravity.

The Pilates Method is designed to be an individualized workout, designed by an instructor to the specific needs of the client’s body. The basic format includes a Reformer and Mat workout. Other apparatus including the Cadillac, high and small Barrels, Pedi Pole, Wunda, Electric, and Arm Chairs; are used to challenge and work specific weakness and imbalances. A well designed workout includes the entire system of Pilates to treat the body as a whole.

Why is Pilates so effective?

A strong Pilates practice yields results by repeating similar exercises in a variety of circumstances. Variations on the apparatus and progressive spring settings can challenge your balance, flexibility, strength and coordination in exercises that may have been easy to begin with but become progressively harder as you go along. Like any athlete, dancer, or musician the repetition of basic skills are an integral part of the workout.  


Another benefit is the attention clients receive from one-on-one instruction. The instructor designs the workouts to meet the needs of each individual. Throughout each lesson your instructor will use additional exercises in the Pilates system to address the specific needs of a client’s body and function. Proper understanding and execution under the instructor’s guidance will result in the maximum benefit of the exercise.


The Pilates on 66 difference:


At Pilates on 66 getting results is our ultimate goal. We handpick each Instructor at our studio for their expertise and depth of knowledge that they have of the Pilates Method. Each of our teachers has spent years developing their understanding of Pilates in practice and in teaching so that you can get an effective high-impact workout every single time you visit our studio.


When one of our Instructors takes you on as a new client you are in for some serious changes ahead. In the first lesson, our teachers take the time to get to know you and learn about your lifestyle and personal fitness goals. From this initial meeting, our instructors are able to design bespoke lessons that help you achieve your goals and perform at levels you never thought possible before. 


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